Welcome to the Those Who Can, Teach Summer Camp! Teaching is one of the most noble and important professions. A teacher impacts hundreds of young people and is the key to helping them develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. It takes a great mind and heart to become a teacher. 

This summer camp brings together students from high schools across the Rio Grande Valley for a week of fun and learning at The College of Education & P16 Integration at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. During that week, we will explore the teaching profession by defining teaching excellence. To achieve this, you will use mobile technologies and collaborate with students from your school and other schools in the Valley, College of Education faculty, students from the teacher preparation program, and others members of the teaching community.


The goal of Those Who Can, Teach! is to engage high school students in the exploration of the teaching profession through a week-long action research project that examines the characteristics and best practices of excellent teaching.


Working individually and in groups, you will:

  • Reflect on the qualities of highly effective teaching
  • Select an action research focus
  • Research the characteristics of great teachers and effective teaching
  • Collect data and conduct interviews
  • Analyze data to identify common themes
  • Report results and take informed action
  • Use technology to create, communicate, and collaborate 


You will fulfill these objectives through the development of several products:

  • A video letter to your favorite teacher/mentor
  • Infographic: What are the characteristics of great teachers?
  • Infographic: What does great teaching look like?
  • Action Research Video Project

.We are looking forward to a week full of fun and learning! Let’s begin!