Persuasive Essay Thesis Builder and Online Outliner

This tool helps students to find a topic, create a strong thesis statement, and generate an outline. To get started, you’ll need a topic, opinions about the topic, and reasons for your opinion and a main reason others might disagree.

How to record video, slow-mo, and time-lapse

Your iPhone and iPad isn’t just a still camera, it’s also a video camera. It can record standard video in up to 60 fps, and more recent models can even do 4K at up to 30 fps. You can also capture slow motion video, to see every back flip or water drip, and time lapse to watch the sun fly across the sky or a house get built in seconds. It’s all up to you!

iMovie Tutorials

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iMovie for iPad and iPhone – The Basics

iMovie for iPad and iPhone How To – Add Music and Voiceovers

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Create Infographics

Free online infographic creator

Create Slides Presentations

How to create a presentation on KeyNote

Create Infographics using Canva